Semi-private space

The semi-private space provides a good balance between a private office and an open space, allowing you to interact with others while maintaining some privacy.

A semi-private space is basically a space that’s not fully closed by a door. Depending on the layout of the office, the space can be very private or more open to the rest of the coworkers.

  • ENVIRONMENT: if the space is open enough, you will still benefit from the stimulation of having people working around you.
  • PRIVACY : a semi-private space allows you to maintain a certain level of privacy depending on the space layout.
  • GROWTH : renting a semi-private space allows you to easily increase the number of desks for your team, depending on the host policy.

  • ENVIRONMENT : depending on space layout, you might be disturbed by the sound level, make sure you can picture yourself in the space.
  • NETWORK : if your space is too isolated, you’ll gain less benefits from the collaborative environment.
  • PRIVACY : be careful when it comes to discussing confidential matters.

Who should rent a semi-private space? Semi-private spaces are suitable for any type of business. It all comes down to the space layout and your particular privacy needs. Ask for a locker to store your confidential files.