Private office

Rent a private office! The private office rental option provides you with your own quiet space integrated within a shared office.

Many entrepreneurs choose a private office to start their business with their team. Renting a private office in a larger space is a great way to get your company off the ground.

  • ENVIRONMENT : renting a private office is the best way to work in a calm atmosphere.
  • PRIVACY : in your closed office, you can share confidential matters aloud with your colleagues.
  • GROWTH : renting a private office allows you to easily increase your number of desks.
  • SECURITY : your office is accessible to only you and your team.

  • COST : in high demand, private offices are often slightly more expensive compared to open spaces.
  • NETWORK : being disconnected from the rest of the coworkers provides fewer interactions with other companies compared to an open space.

Who should rent a private office? Private offices are perfect for companies with extensive phone call activity (sales, operators, etc.), but also for any work that requires a calm atmosphere for concentration. Before renting a private office, do not hesitate to ask if the space is secured with a lock.