Business centers

Business centers are an excellent solution for companies in need of high-end office services in a more traditionally corporate environment.

Business centers usually provide offices fully equipped with high-end services. Business centers are often located in central downtown areas.

  • FLEXIBILITY : business centers allow you to rent by the day or month. You should also be able to negotiate your maximum time commitment.
  • EQUIPMENT : business centers are known for providing a high level of services and a good range of equipment to rent.

  • COST : business center can be very an expensive long-term solution. Be aware of the additional price of the services that are not included in your base rent.
  • ENVIRONMENT : people working out of business centers are generally not there to mingle with other people or make connections.

Who should rent a business center? Business centers are a good option for foreign companies in need of a fully equipped office setup. Important: business centers are not an economically beneficial long-term solution.