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 Desk Space For Startups, Coworkers, + Homeworker

Desk Space for Startups, Coworkers, + Homeworker

Wimbledon Hill Road SW19 7PA London

Independant space
Independent space
Private space, not shared
/ Not divisible
The whole space have to by rented by a single company


$167 per month

So $3 per desk


50 People maximum



Less than 5 x minutes from Wimbledon Station / District Line - we offer a brand new, flexible co-working desk / space for individuals, startups and small businesses. We have wifi, power, FREE tea / coffee / drinks / fruit + awesome location and network / support services in Wimbledon. 


It’s also an ideal alternative space for homeworkers, freelancers, mobile workers and those who want to escape the coffee shop, home & / or reduce their daily commute. 




•Modern, bright space in awesome SW19 location 

•Business support / mentoring / consulting 

•Benefit from strong local community / council / startup network 

•Combination of seating options – quiet areas, team + lounge space 

•Dedicated kitchen with microwave and fridge 

•Complimentary, unlimited hot and cold drinks - tea / coffee + biscuits 

•High speed WiFi and plug points throughout the space 

• Partner facilities - dedicated presentation / meeting / video conferencing rooms 

•Hour of POWER - group meet up session to solve your business / startup challenges! 




What Our Members Say: 


“Finling moved into this beautiful coworking a couple of months ago. We are delighted to have a really good value space right in the centre of Wimbledon, something that would otherwise have been unaffordable for a while to come. This space has enabled me to make a full time hire, and to be able to work closely with my new member of staff as he learns the ropes. Finling has even gained a new client from amongst the coworking's user base!” 


Jennifer Denning – Director - Finling Associates Ltd 



"Since coming to this coworking, I have been able to connect with some great people. All are very willing to share their enthusiasm, commercial and technical knowledge. We are all small group of start up entrepreneurs who need to be very savvy at making the most of any opportunity to market and promote our products and services. Since coming to this place my appreciation of social media marketing has increased and now applying this knowledge has certainly improved my access to new markets and improved my brand." 


Karl Burrows - Managing Director 

Manaia Limited hakaworks 



“The campus is a great meeting space for me. As I don't have an office it's often difficult to meet people. The tech campus has provided me with a professional meeting space. Furthermore, it helps me to connect with local businesses and to foster the the collaboration of businesses within the council.” 


Claus Geissendoerfer - prehasH 


“I feel very fortunate to be a member of this coworking. As a solo entrepreneur in Wimbledon, my previous options were to work at home at the kitchen table, or take up space at the local coffee shape; as you can imagine, both of these options severely marginalized my business life. 


With this coworking, I now have a proper desk, in a friendly and professional environment, at which I can work each day -- and I love it, and get a lot done! My start up company, HOLISTIC LONDON, which is an online resource for holistic services in London, just launched four weeks ago and is doing well; and I feel assured that, without the supportive environment of this place, I might never have made this progress. 


I feel that this coworking is a very important and valuable addition to our community, and it brings new life and professional opportunities to our area. I truly expect that, as it becomes known, this initiative will develop and flourish, and will become an essential element in the lives of many professionals and business people in our area, as it has for me.” 


E. J. Shaffert - Holistic London 


“This coworking is a much needed space in Wimbledon – it has given me the ability to test ideas (and pivot faster!), meet other start-ups (e.g.: Prehash), receive invaluable feedback on products (hour of power!) – it is also a great platform for networking with individuals and organisations in the wider Borough – highly recommend the concept and space” 


Kristian Vanberg - HRTech Tank Helsinki 



Meetups & regular events held @ Wimbletech 




They say the future is in the hands of the makers, the creators. Hackers are the digital makers and creators and they now have a whole range of new tools to build things with from tiny electronics to minicomputers, from Raspberry Pis to Arduinos and many others you won’t have heard of. They are all out there ready to be wired into whatever you want them to be and programmed to make them do what you want them to do. But where do you start if you want to make a web-connected thermometer, a simple robot, an energy saving light or a weather aware window? This is where HackWimbledon wants to illuminate. 



Wimble Tech Stars: 


This meet-up is aimed at people starting a company in the tech field, and who want to share know-how, get inspired, provide support and bounce ideas in an informal setting. We rope in experts to access advice & the latest tech insights; provide peer mentoring and meet once a month at this coworking in Wimbledon - tell your friends, spread the word - together we're stronger! :) 





Q: Explain a bit about this coworking what it is and who your target audience is? 


A: This coworking is a cost effective, co-working space for startup entrepreneurs. Supported by Merton Council, Merton Chamber of Commerce, Love Wimbledon and connected to the London Startup Scene, this place aims to provide a great ecosystem within which startups can startup.. grow legs and stand up! You might be a mum looking to start an online business, a graduate setting up your first business, or someone wanting to launch a new app – having a cost effective, supportive local tech campus could be the answer. You may even be a Designer or Developer looking to help others with your skills and develop your business – if you are any of these, please get in touch – together we’re stronger! 




Q: When did you first come up with the idea for this coworking and how did it come about? 


A: Whilst working in between local coffee shops in Wimbledon in November - I was struggling to get a good wifi connection, access to power and was in need of an alternative to travelling across to North London to be part of the startup scene... 




Q: Do you live locally to Wimbledon? 


A: Yes - and I love the energy of the town and people... all the right ingredients!




Q: Why did you choose to hold this coworking in Wimbledon Library? 


A: Great location plus libraries are great centres for learning, education and development. With plenty of resources to hand, I think that offering an 'innovation' layer over the top of existing services is a great fit and value add to the community. Anthony (Head of Library Services) and the rest of the Merton Library Services team and staff were and still are being incredibly supportive. I am a big believer in partnerships and I think this by working closely together we can really help each other :) 




Entry fees : $0
Deposit : 1 month
Independant space of 1869ft²
$167 per month
Up to 50 people
Contract type : short term
At least 1 month(s)
1st floor with natural light
Coworking & flexible office in a neutral spirit
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  • Internet
  • Wifi
  • Amenities
  • Kitchen
  • Relaxation area
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