Life at Share Your Office – an inside perspective

Hey there everyone! My name is Connor, I’m the man behind the computer here at Share Your Office. If you’ve seen something on our website, or spoken to someone working here, there’s a good chance I was involved. I joined the company a few months ago in order to revitalize and operate our U.S website. Lately we’ve been writing a lot about coworking, tips and tricks,  products all related to business, and our survey; however today I’m going to share my experiences with you all about joining the Share Your Office team.

I joined Share Your Office a few months ago, on the tail end of the summer. Originally I was looking for positions in the field, and Clement – the founder and CEO’s – listing caught my eye. Originally, I wasn’t exactly sure what the process would involve. It was a large undertaking that was somewhat ambiguous in its goals. However, it presented me with a massive opportunity to help create something, whilst giving me the freedom to develop myself as an independent worker. I met with Clement at the Parisoma office – our home and headquarters – here in San Francisco, and discussed the aspects of the position. After a few rounds and healthy discussion, I took the position.

Share Your Office
This is where you’ll find me seated most days

The first weeks of the job were…unique to say the least. I was updating and fixing a website that was in need of attention, completely remotely, with my primary resource being in France for a majority of the year. It was a lot of work, and even more to learn. As such, my first priorities were outreach and self education. I called coworking space to space, speaking to them about Share Your Office and coworking in general. In that first month I learned more than I would have imagined. It was in this time I understood the struggle of the entrepreneur; you have a goal and a desired outcome, but the means and route to take in order to reach that goal are completely unclear to you. I tried numerous techniques and styles to optimize my performance, and finally over time I fell into a groove that  best suited my work environment.

However, as with anything, you become better as you work, and so has my proficiency at running things over here at Share Your Office. Things have changed drastically since I began the work. We’ve completely re-designed our website with an updated look, enhanced tools, and more navigable pages. We’ve greatly expanded the visibility of our pages and increased our listing database significantly – which in turn creates many more matches for our users from the traffic. Atop this we’ve finished a large undertaking – our coworking survey – which has been a huge success, thank you all again to those who participated in it, we’ve greatly appreciated your support.

I’m no longer the only employee on this side, however the work hasn’t lessened at all; we’re constantly looking for new ways to grow and expand. Even though its been a relatively short time, there’s a lot I’ve taken away from this experience. The world of coworking is a unique one that existed right under my nose while I was completely unaware. Working here at Parisoma has been an enlightening experience; this place brings together so many different people from numerous fields sharing ideas, experiences, and expertise. Every day I work here I learn something new and improve myself both professionally and personally. All this has occurred in just a few short months, I’m looking forward to share the next of my experiences with everyone. Thank you again to all our supporters, staff, and members – we appreciate you choosing Share Your Office.