Top 5 Ways to Beat Distractions While Coworking.

Distraction Free Working?

One great upside to joining a coworking space is breaking away from the traditional office setting. There are no cubicles, divisions between companies, and plenty of peer to peer collaboration. Everyday you are both free and encouraged to interact with your coworkers. However, with all the exchange of creative mojo, there are lots of unwelcomed and noisy distractions.

Today, we’re going to tune out all the noise and provide you with some tips on distraction free coworking.

Shop Around

When choosing a coworking space, shop around. Don’t just settle on the first one that has free lunches on Thursdays. Why? Well, each coworking space has its own personality and working environment. Some, like the HighParksCommons–a coworking space for writers–offer a very specific kind of work environment for their members. So, before you choose a coworking space, do your research. Know what kind of work environment you or your business wants and pick the space that best fits these needs.


Reserve a Room

If you need a distraction-free space to collaborate or hold a team meeting, reserve a private room in your coworking space. Reserved rooms provide a closed and soundproof work space that limit unwanted distraction and are similar to the traditional office setting. However, make sure you actually reserve the space by putting a phone call in to the front desk or registering online. I’ve made the mistake of calling a team meeting only to find out that I forgot to book a space. You do not want that.

Know Your Zones

Most great coworking spaces will have multiple work areas–some geared towards collaboration and others better suited for individual work. Identify these areas in your coworking space. The next time you want to focus, make a phone call, or write an important email, ditch the noisy areas, and move to the quieter zones. In my experience, soft seating tends to be the quietest area.


Use What You Can

If you’re anything like me, you’re easily distracted by people talking or listening to music. But a great way I’ve found to block out unwanted noise is to wear sound proof headphones (honestly, I wear regular earbuds, but I imagine that soundproof ones are even better). Another great idea I’ve seen around the office is using two computer monitors to aid in visual concentration and organization.

Be Aware

This one’s more of a common courtesy thing. Even though coworking spaces are fun, creative places to work, remember that they are places where actual work happens. So, be aware if you’re being too noisy or disruptive. If you respect the working environment of the people around you, they’ll respect yours, too. It’s pretty basic stuff.

If you’re working in a coworking space, like any other office setting, things are not going to be perfect. You’ll work with people you get along with and others that get on your nerves. And that’s ok. The important thing to remember is that you work in a unique work environment. Coworking spaces are great. So, remember to have fun.