Urban Beekeeping and Office Buildings: An Unlikely Match?

This Boston company is taking urban beekeeping to the next level.

urban beekeeping

In Boston, Best Bees Co. is changing the beekeeping game.

What beekeeping game, you ask? Raising bees in urban areas is a trend among hobbyists and the environmentally-conscious alike, and it’s not easy. Bees like to stay warm, after all. It makes you wonder: where do bees go in the winter?

Best Bees’ answer: they go in office buildings, of course.

The company specializes in installing honeybee hives in office buildings. Within the hives, bees have no trouble staying warm. With thousands of bees buzzing around a tight area, the friction raises the hive’s temperature to a toasty 90F. A healthy hive can house roughly 80,000 bees.

urban beekeeping

Why is this a trend among anyone but the most die-hard bee fanatics? It’s because bees can fly for miles and miles to find flowers to pollinate, which helps the growth of local trees and gardens. The fact that bees are hard to come by in the city might be good news for pedestrians, but we wouldn’t want to do away with our urban wildlife, either. Urban beekeeping offers the best of both worlds: a little boost to the local environment without the inconvenience of breaking down the concrete jungle.

Best Bees has installed over 800 hives on the roofs of urban buildings, and they’re not stopping there. The company’s operations currently span nine cities. Their clients get a little perk too: fresh honey, complete with custom labeling.

What’s not to love? Most property owners don’t have plans for their roof space, so there’s no harm in contracting a bit of it to Best Bees and enjoying the honey as a tasty reward. The thought of keeping a legion of bees right on top your workplace’s roof might be iffy for some, but it’s a compromise that many are willing to make.