Eco Offices are the Future. Why the change will be good for business.

Here’s Why Eco-Designed Offices Give You More Than Just Public Image


It’s not a surprise that eco-friendly offices are a good thing. From the tangible impact on the environment to abstract consumer goodwill, there are plenty of reasons to invest in a modern, environmentally-friendly office. What you might not know is that these designs have much to offer in terms of workplace happiness and efficiency, too.

What’s an Eco-Designed Office?


One example of a modern office space that keeps the environment in mind is the White Collar Factory in London. The building aims to reduce air condition use by circulating chilled water through pipes embedded in concrete slabs. Like cooling a computer, these pipes are a silent and efficient means to passively regulate temperatures. In addition to the obvious benefit of reduced carbon emissions, this design is appealing because it means that office staff won’t have to spend as much time fussing with thermostats. The added convenience and comfort factor into workplace efficiency, not just environmental efficiency.

Many of these sustainable offices buildings also employ exposed concrete walls to help with temperature control. According to the White Collar Factory website, the concrete is naturally able to absorb and release heat, so it doesn’t lead to unnecessary insulation in the summer. Of course, since the concrete is exposed and built into the facade, this also means that it’s incorporated into the building’s design. Besides being visually interesting, this decision comes with the added benefit of not needing more materials to construct the facade, reducing the building’s ecological footprint even further.

In this profile by Gizmag, we see that The Edge, a cutting-edge office in Amsterdam, utilizes several different types of technology to be energy efficient. In addition to using solar panels and a liquid cooling system similar to White Collar Factory’s, The Edge incorporates its lighting system into the building’s internal internet network. These ethernet-connected LEDs can be paired with sensors so that they can adjust their brightness based on factors like movement, outside light, and temperature. This also means that they can be controlled remotely, opening up the possibility of smartphone-controlled lights in any given office. There’s an unquestionable “cool” factor to the technology, and it has the potential to make the workplace more fun.

Why Do Eco-Designed Offices Do?


It’s no secret that energy efficiency helps save money on overhead, and in many ways it can improve a company’s public image, but it’s important to recognize that it can also be used to give your tenants a better experience.

On one hand, there’s the ethical notion of working in an environment that’s doing its best to curb its ecological footprint—many tenants will feel better about themselves and their job if they know that they’re not making the world worse simply by going to work. On the other hand, there’s the practical conveniences, like the internet-controlled lights at The Edge—ethics aside, who wouldn’t want to work in an office with automatic, smartphone-controlled lighting?

With smart eco-design, tenants can benefit from the conveniences of technology while still enjoying the personal satisfaction and public image boost of supporting sustainable living. When implemented correctly, these modern offices are undoubtedly win-win.