This Year, Give Thanks for Coworking!

This Year, Give Thanks for Coworking!

The holiday season is fast upon us. It’s a time for good food, great friends, and most importantly, fantastic coworking events! One of the greatest, (and essential) things about a coworking environment is the opportunity it presents to connect with a wide range of professionals for networking, and what better way to do that than in a  fun and casual meeting centered around the holidays?

Here are some great examples of coworking events around the United States!

1. Thanksgiving at Createscape


This coworking space in Austin, Texas, held a small festive Thanksgiving potluck, where their members could bring and share their favorite dishes, all the while getting to know their community better. Unlike a regular office environment, coworking allows for enhanced flexibility to try something new every day, much like a potluck!

2. “Thanksgiving to your Body” at Impact Hub

Located in Oakland, California, Impact Hub held a creative get-together that aimed to help its members unwind from the stress of a busy year of working, and “give thanks” to their minds and bodies – by getting creative and full of great food! Hosted by Natural Flow, which provided art supplies and paper to their members, creativity was at the forefront of this gathering. Flexing our creative muscles is important, and it’s something that a good coworking environment strives to help its members achieve. Knowing you work in place that gives you a chance to focus on “you”, can help remove the stress and grind from that daily 9 to 5, and making going to work something you look forward to.

3. Thanksgiving Potluck at SpherePad Union

Wisely, SpherePad chose to get the festivities started early, holding a “Pre-Thanksgiving” Potluck a week before the big day. This helped ensure that everyone got a chance to participate in the fun, as many people go out of town or travel for the holidays. This San Francisco based coworking space kept it light, but effective; they provided the meat, (and faux meat for the vegetarians!), leaving the members to share whatever their hearts desired. It’s one of the great things about coworking, you know never what a new day will bring!

4. The Collaboratory: Come Home for Thanksgiving


This coworking environment located in Seattle, Washington, is hosting a neighborhood feast to help everyone give thanks this year. Touting themselves as a “social change incubator”, they demonstrate that giving back to the community can be just as important as giving back to your members. It helps get the word out about what a coworking space can be, and most importantly, gives out some food and fun!

No matter how you choose to spend your holidays this year, just remember that with coworking, you are part of a movement that doesn’t just want to gather a group of employees together; it wants to help build a like minded community of professionals that thrives, and that seems like something to truly be thankful for.