How to Revitalize Your Coworking Meeting Room

meeting room

Is the meeting room in your coworking space a little tired? Outdated? Uninspired?

Meeting rooms are an essential element of coworking spaces. Teams can only collaborate so much in an open coworking space before they need to take things into a meeting room—even if just for an hour. Meeting rooms are great for workshops, events, brainstorm sessions, team-building days, conference calls and, yes, meetings.

If the meeting room in your coworking space doesn’t have the right technology and equipment, or if it fails to inspire and empower teams, it may be time to give it a makeover. Here are 9 ways to revitalize your coworking meeting room.

1. Clean the Room

First things first, give your meeting room a deep clean, including steam cleaning any carpets, washing the walls and ceiling, cleaning the whiteboard, steam cleaning chairs. This will freshen it up immediately.

2. Rearrange the Furniture

Are you making the best use of the space in your meeting room? Does the layout still make sense? Could you make the space more versatile? Even a minor rearrangement can put new life into a meeting room.

3. Replace the Old Whiteboard

Traditional whiteboards get to a place where you can’t really clean them back to being totally clean. The good news is that whiteboards have evolved. Now there are glass ones that are sleek, smooth, gorgeous and—bonus—they are easy to clean. Consider upgrading the whiteboard in your coworking space meeting room. Your members and guests will thank you.

4. Update the Tech in Your Meeting Room

We’ve come a long way since we all had various projectors, computers and adapters we hoped would be compatible. New technology tools, such as AirPlay, offer one-click compatibility to share your screen. Not only is this cause for relief among presenters everywhere, it is the new normal in meeting rooms. Make sure you have a large monitor and an easy way for people to share their laptop screen.

5. Invest in Comfortable Chairs

Whether a meeting is an hour or lasts all day, attendees want to be comfortable. Qualities that make a nice chair: adjustable height, ergonomic design, ability to swivel, armrests, wheels, a comfortable seat.

6. Paint It

Colors inspire different moods and emotions. If your meeting room feels dull, try splashing a new coat of paint on the walls to give the room a new feel. Here are a few colors and the feelings associated with them:

  • Blue – Intelligence
  • Red – Courage and strength
  • Yellow – Emotion
  • Green – Balance
  • Purple – Spirituality
  • Orange – Comfort

7. More Outlets

There’s no such thing as too many places to plug in your gadgets in a coworking space—and this goes for meeting rooms, as well. Make sure your room has plenty of outlets so people aren’t left scrambling for wall outlets and extension cords as their laptop batteries run low in the middle of a meeting.

8. Fix the Lighting

If the lighting in your meeting room is dim, harsh or lifeless, it’s time to do something about it. Poor lighting can suck the energy out of a room. Plus, just think how nice the Instagram photos taken in the meeting room of your coworking space will look with better lighting.

9. How’s the Sound?

As with poor lighting, a room with bad acoustics can be distracting, draining and annoying. If you have an echo, a room that isn’t soundproof, or a lot of ambient noise, it’s time to fix it. You can use something as simple as a white noise machine to give the room a sense of privacy, or hang soundproofing curtains. Or, you can go as elaborate as soundproofing drywall, acoustical ceiling tile, hanging baffles or acoustic partitions.


Cat Johnson is a writer and content strategist for the coworking industry. She publishes the Coworking Out Loud Newsletter. Her work has appeared in Shareable, Yes! Magazine,, Mother Jones, Lifehacker and more. Find her on Twitter: @CatJohnson