The Pros and Cons of a Dedicated Desk in a Coworking Space

dedicateddeskIf you’re considering joining a coworking space, a flexible membership is a good place to start. A flexible membership, also called open membership, cafe membership, community membership, allows you to work anywhere in the common space. You can try a variety of locations, desk styles and noise levels to find the ones that work best for you.

The time may come, however, when you want to have a set place to call your own within the space. Here are the pros and cons of a dedicated desk in a coworking space.

Pros of a Dedicated Desk in a Coworking Space

1. Dedicated desks give you more privacy

2. You can leave your work tools, including desktop computers and extra monitors at a dedicated desk

3. Dedicated desks often come with a locking file cabinet for valuables

4. You may be able to bring your own chair to your dedicated desk

5. You can personalize your workspace

6. You have a reserved space in an area you like to work

7. In some coworking spaces, dedicated desks have a wired connection rather than wifi

8. Your dedicated desk may include a phone line

9. You generally have the option to work in the commons area, if you’d like

10. You’re still part of the coworking community

11. You can attend networking events in the space

12. You’re still part of an in-house network of potential collaborators

13. You have access to meeting rooms, event space, phone booths and mail service

14. You have all the amenities a coworking space provides, including a kitchen, a high-quality printer/copier/scanner, a shredder, and coffee and tea

Cons of a Dedicated Desk in a Coworking Space

1. Dedicated desks are generally removed from the common space and collaborative area.

2. You’ll potentially have less social interaction at a dedicated desk versus working in the common area

3. You have the same view and surroundings every day

4. Dedicated desks are more expensive than flexible membership

5. You’ll work next to the same people every day, rather than making new connections

What would you add to the list of pros and cons? What has been your experience with making the move from a flexible coworking membership to a dedicated desk?

Cat Johnson is a writer and content strategist focused on coworking, community and the future of work. Publications include Shareable, Yes! Magazine and Lifehacker. She’s the author of Coworking Out Loud, an ebook guide to content marketing for coworking spaces. She sends weekly tips and resources to coworking space operators.