Why Office Design is the Key to Recruitment

Use office design to attract new recruits.

office design
Photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eager/7148701337

There’s more to office design than boosting employee engagement. Your office, and the culture it signifies, is as meaningful for potential recruits as it is for your current team.

In a survey conducted by CORT, 81% of the companies interviewed indicated that workplace design is important for attracting the right talent. Job seekers look at office design the same way they might look at “fun” perks like catered lunches and happy hours. A cool office with the right amenities is proof that the company cares about its employees, beyond the traditional indications of gratitude like salary and benefits.

Office design is as much about culture as comfort. Employers looking to improve their chances at recruitment should pay as much attention to ergonomic chairs as to natural light and eye-catching art. Your job applicants know what it’s like to work in an uncomfortable chair, or to try and get through the day without coffee. If they can smell the discomfort from a mile away, it doesn’t matter what other perks you throw at them.

For startups that don’t have the resources to compete with the tech giants, furniture rental can be an appealing alternative. According to Ann Sennewald of CORT, rented furniture lets small companies “create an adjustable office space to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the workplace.” Much like sharing an office, the benefits of furniture rentals lie in the convenience and flexibility. This allows startups to achieve the aesthetic they’re looking for without committing to over-the-top furniture.

office design

The key to office design is variety. No matter how universal you think your layout is, there’s no single level of noise or privacy that’ll work for everyone. Rather than hope for the one-size-fits-all approach to coincidentally work out, it’s best to invest in variety. If you offer employees a variety of rooms, desk types, and sitting areas, you’ll end up catering to everyone. That way, your team can choose a work style that suits them.

With this in mind, you’ll improve your chances at recruitment if you show interviewees that you have flexible office furniture. Standing desks are only the first step; furniture designers are growing more creative by the year. A London-based furniture designer recently unveiled their latest fidget-friendly office chair, and there’s more where that came from.

If you’re thinking of hiring soon and you’re not sure if you can attract top talent, spend a few extra bucks on furniture and lighting. Just like when you’re listing an apartment for rent, little aesthetic details can make a big difference. If your interviewee feels comfortable in your office, that brings them one step closer to working for you.