In New York, Work Meets Trendy Restaurants

Coworking is changing fast, and now restaurants are getting involved.


The next stage of coworking is bringing workers to a surprising place: restaurant dining rooms.

Spacious is a new coworking service that negotiates temporary workspaces in trendy local restaurants. They currently only operate in New York, but they plan to expand to California soon, according to Eater.

By night, these workspaces are some of NYC’s hottest restaurants. They serve the sort of food that guests take pictures of, and the boast creative interior design. DBGB Kitchen and Bar is one current participant, and you can see at a glance that they provide a cool environment.

If you think about it, don’t restaurants offer many of the same traits that we look for in coworking spaces? They’re stylish, comfortable, and generally close to transit. Throw in fast wifi, and you’ve got a perfect workspace for freelancers who don’t want to deal with the noise of the local cafe.

The only catch is that the restaurants must be dinner-only. Of course, the corollary is that these spaces aren’t going to be open well into the night like coworking spaces are; they’re offices by day, but they’re still restaurants by night. Regardless, the proposal works for those of us who work independently at a normal day job and who don’t need the extra features of a serviced office.


As of now, the restaurants don’t serve food during their off-hours, but Spacious is hoping to change that. The company envisions a setup where customers could order small plates from their phones and pick them up from the kitchen. No tip, no waiting in line—just a quick bite of above-average food. If Spacious is able to implement this, it will certainly be a better alternative to eating the same hot dog or deli sandwich for the hundredth time.

In that sense, Spacious is as much a piece of food news as it is coworking news. With a single Spacious subscription, workers can tour some of the hottest restaurants in the city, and they might even be able to grab a bite to eat. Likewise, the service offers a way for restaurants to showcase their food and brand to new potential customers. The branding and design elements are as important as the food itself—if Spacious workers enjoy the space’s vibe, they’ll be more inclined to come back for dinner.


Spacious has earned over 100 subscribers since it received seed funding earlier this year. In addition to the freelancers and remote workers, some members have started using it as a meeting place. If nothing else, Spacious puts a new spin on meeting a business partner for lunch.