The Fabulous Four! Amazing Coworking Spots in New York City

It’s been a while! Today we take a look at one of the most bustling coworking cities – New York – and pick the 4 best designed spots! This is particularly difficult, there are so many in the region – with each space being absolutely amazing. That being said, today we’ve picked out the 4 that caught our eye the most.

Joynture – Manhattan, New York.

New York

Joynture has become somewhat of a signature for me when I want to point out what a really beautiful coworking space looks like. One of the newer coworking spaces in the city, Joynture is located on Wall Street in NYC. Featuring open coworking and private offices, it has something for everyone. There are several features however that really set this place apart. First off, the amenities – not only does Joynture come with the standards, excellent coffee, open seating, and beautiful lounge space, it also contains one of the – if not the most impressive set of entertainment perks I’ve come across at a coworking space. From ping-pong, to darts, gaming systems with hi-def projectors, you might find yourself spending all your time here.

To add to this, while I tend not to focus too heavily on price, their amazing rates have to be mentioned. Their coworking options come at $400 a month, which includes all their features. Consider the fact that this office is located on Wall Street – one of the most expensive places in the country per square foot, and you start to realize why this number is so impressive. One would assume they’re filling up quickly (If not already at wait list levels) so contact them quickly if you’re interested in a space.

Bat Haus – Brooklyn, New York.

New York

Bat Haus is really cool. There’s not a lot of other ways to characterize this space, it’s simply awesome. Bat Haus is the kind of space that coworking fanatics dream of – open, down to earth, with a vibrant incredibly active community. Located moments from the Subway, Bat Haus is a return from the mega-coworking spaces that are becoming ever more popular. The space, while being sizeable, spends a great deal of its time and energy working on bolstering its community and creating events for the individuals that work there. As an environment that promotes growth and creativity, they work hard to help those within excel in every way possible.

Not enough can be said about how cool their community events are, from all you can drink beer and draw days every Wednesday, to nightly rentals that allow community access to the space, Bat Haus has made a point of fostering a vibrant community. I suggest checking out their Flickr account to get an idea of all that goes on here.

Projective Space – Manhattan, New York.

New York

Projective Space is another well furnished, focused coworking space located in the heart of New York City. As a space that heavily focuses on the startup community, Projective Space is a unique location that heavily caters to the startupsĀ and the individuals involved within it.

Projective Space has two locations, one being tailored to startups and independent coworkers, with another built around small teams / small businesses. Along with their inclusive working space, Projective Space offers weekly events that range from happy hours, meet and greets, hack-a-thons, workshops, and many many others. If you’re a focused individual who is driven to grow and succeed, check out Projective Space.

The Yard – New York City

New York

Last but not least, we come to The Yard as our final coworking space. A New York list that didn’t mention the Yard would be incomplete, considering how much of an impact they’ve had on the coworking community in the region. Currently the Yard has 4 locations within the region, making it the biggest of the coworking spaces. Despite being so expansive, the Yard has effortlessly maintained a high-quality community through all its locations, complete with weekly events and inclusive tools to help their members thrive and grow. Along with this, the Yard offers excellent benefits to all their members, with all the variety that anyone could ask for.