Members are the Key to Marketing any Coworking Space


Most of us are familiar with coworking spaces, whether we work at one or simply wish we did. In the past few years, the number of coworking spaces across the country has grown exponentially to meet the increasing demand from freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. How, though, do these coworking spaces market themselves and find all of the interesting individuals that fill their seats? And what makes certain coworking spaces more popular and attractive to those who seek their resources? The answer to both of these questions is simple: it is the members themselves that bring success to any coworking space.


What makes a coworking space appealing?

The greatest asset of any coworking space is the collection of people who work there. You have individuals from all fields of work, all doing equally incredible but very different things. This type of creative melting pot brings together people who otherwise may never find themselves under the same roof, and this is what makes coworking spaces so unique. Working side by side with other like-minded folk who are seeking to build and create great things provides invaluable motivation and inspiration.

For many coworking spaces, this is a major selling point which can be capitalized in many ways. Some spaces organize talks and lectures from existing members or from guest speakers. This is a great way to share some of the work that’s being done and to spread the word throughout the community. Many coworking spaces choose to highlight specific members and activities via social media.


How do you attract the right members to a coworking space?

Giving readers an inside look at the interesting work and people that comprise a coworking space is a powerful tool to increase visibility and build interest. It also showcases how social and fun coworking spaces can be, giving members a built-in network of people they can learn from, talk shop with, or challenge to a round of ping-pong. Activities like ping pong are commonplace in coworking spaces, ensuring that members actually enjoy coming to their place of work.

Every coworking office knows that it is only as great as the sum of its parts. If members are unhappy, the entire community and atmosphere will be negatively affected and business will falter. Existing members will leave and new ones will be less likely to join. Satisfied members are key to the success of any coworking space, and this is what draws many new prospective members in.

Creating a diverse, driven, creative, and positive environment is what every coworking space hopes to achieve. Members are attracted to these workplaces not just because of the physical desk they are given to work at or because it is more affordable than other office solutions—it is the community and collaborative nature of these workplaces that makes them so unique and appealing.

With the number of coworking spaces growing throughout the country, prospective members will find that they have many comparable and competitively priced options to choose from. The ultimate selling point will be the community that their membership will give them.

[Guest Author Bio: Olga Grigorenko is a writer, painter and aspirational dog-owner born and raised in New York City. When she is not busy with work and life in the environs of her Brooklyn home, Olga tends to her wanderlust by exploring as much of the world as possible.]