City of Angels: 5 Fantastic Coworking Spots in Los Angeles

Coworking Los Angeles

America’s film mecca is home to almost four million people in its southern California city limits, over 13 million in the metro area, making it the second largest U.S. city and the largest metropolis in the state. With Hollywood and countless movie studios, not to mention 1 in 6 persons working in a creative field, making it the “Creative Capital of the USA”, Los Angeles is home to an extraordinary amount of professionals. As such Los Angeles is a dream for coworking: packed full with creative individuals looking to expand their horizons. Here are some of the hottest coworking spots available in Hollywood’s hometown.

WeWork LA

Los Angeles

Recently, WeWork, a $5 billion company, added ex-Time Warner CFO Arthur Minson as their new President and CFO. And with reason — the company is now one of the largest coworking companies and has both U.S. and abroad locations, while garnering investments from well-known names such as JPMorgan. Their LA office is in the heart of Hollywood and boasts numerous amenities: free beer, event space, a free parking garage, and a dog friendly enviroment to mention a few. With a flexible membership, desk option or private office, there’s something for any individual looking to work among other creative minds, such as Gawker, a WeWork LA member.

Likewise, WeWork offers a community and experience bar none. Knowing that community and member happiness comes before all else, WeWork has tailored their environment to maximize the comfort their tenants get from the coworking experience. If you’re an individual or a small team, there’s probably something for you here.

Indie Desk

Indie Desk

The first coworking space in Downtown LA (DTLA), Indie Desk began in 2011 as the brainchild of 3 LA companies. A spin-off of Indie Printing, it strives to be the perfect balance between working at home and renting a private office, while encompassing the encouraging and unique DTLA identity into the workplace. Their 2,000 sq. foot office is only a block from the historic Orpheum Theatre. Workers can choose from seven types of packages, ranging from a day pass to Entrepreneur in Residence, with added options such as mail service and a locker.

Blank Spaces

Los Angeles

With three locations in the greater LA area, Blank Spaces offers virtual, community, and private workspaces, as well as conference rooms and event spaces; their LA office is two blocks from La Brea. Registration with their WorkBar includes free coffee, Wi-Fi, and access to office supplies. Founded by Jerome Chang, a licensed architect with a degree from Harvard, Blank Spaces strives to be a community for entrepreneurs and freelance workers alike. Change is the co-founder of three coworking spaces, including COSHARE, the first national association of shared spaces, and LExC.

PICO Coworking Enviroment

Los Angeles

A new coworking space, PICO has its office in Beverly Hills and offers free parking, as well as a range of amenities including Philz Coffee, a San Francisco-based company whose motto is “one cup at a time”. In the spirit of California, PICO offers a large space with natural lighting, a comfortable atmosphere and professional address and mail delivery system, along with a receptionist for calls. Workers can opt between private offices and open work spaces and are privy to educational and networking events.

Kicks 66


With 34 individuals working in their 10,000 sq. foot office outside of LA in Glendora, CA, Kicks 66 is a unique blend of funky, with a 2,000 sq. foot studio space for creative projects, such as a photo shoot. The location off of route 66 has its roots as a power tools distribution center in the 1950’s — what a long way it’s come. Kicks 66’s 34 individuals each have biographies and photos on the website, tagging their interests and passions, along with their purpose at the coworking space. With three different levels of office space, conference rooms, private offices, a gaming room along with the creative space that encompasses one-fifth of the office, Kicks 66 is bound to have something every remote worker is looking for. An added bonus: they donate 5% of profits from their coworking space to a different charity each month.