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1. Search


Find exactly what you want with our Multi-Criteria Search! You can select the type of space (offices, open space, meeting room) and fill in the location, budget, area, and size of your team. By ranking and favoriting the locations that best suit your needs, you can find the locations that you want the most.

2.Contact a Space


Once you find an ad you're interested in, fill in the "Contact this space" form. Because your account is linked to your email, you can be reached by all advertisers and organize your tours directly with your contacts.

3. Visit Them!   Once you've contacted the space manager, it's time to visit! Checking out a space before renting is one of the most important elements in finding the perfect office. On average, it takes 15 days to find a tenant or a space to rent on SYO.


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For coworking spaces.

Messaging - Broadcast your listings on your networks with our tools.

  Creating a listing takes as little as 5 minutes. After describing your space (location, price, size) and the desired contract (rental type, duration, deposit), the listing is visible on numerous platforms, and you'll be notified of its status via email. Our platform is completely free to use for both people looking for a space, and coworking space operators.


An ideal package for business professionals.

Designed for business centers, private offices, etc.

Messaging, Unlimited Contacts, and Personalized Advice.

    Our go-to platform for Private offices, and Business centers. Share Your Office finds a perfect individual to occupy your space in a timely manner. We leverage our contacts and platform to find you a tenant in little to no-time. Save potential months of unoccupied space by letting us do the work for you! Free until we find you a tenant, at which time Share Your Office takes a 10% commission. Note - this only applies upon successful signing, and fulfillment of a contract.

Frequently asked questions

So how does it work?

SYO Is a platform designed to suit the needs of both those looking for a location, and those wanting to list their space.

I’m looking for a space…

You’ve come to the right place! Simply search using any of our available functions, contact your space, and get working. Best part of all of this? It’s absolutely free – you have full access to any and all of our services, along with messaging – all it takes is a moment of your time.

What if I want to make a listing?

Perfect – and we want you to list with us! Creating a listing on SYO is fast, simple and best of all….completely free! Go to our home page, hit “sign up” on the top right, select “create an office” (Or meeting room), fill the information out, upload a photo, and you’re set! You’ll see your listing live soon after its creation – check your email regularly for messages from potential clients.

If I have available space, do I have the right to share my office with others?

If you’re the owner of the property, you have the right to rent out your space. Depending on your situation, a sublease or a service contract may be appropriate.
If you are renting a location, you must have prior permission from your landlord. This provision is almost always outlined in the terms of your lease clarifying if a sublease is allowed or not.
When you sign a lease, do your best to negotiate the ability to sublet your space as it allows you to maximize the flexibility of the location.

What type of contract should I use?

You have two options:

  • A sublease (A sample can be found here)
  • A service contract. This is a much more flexible option that essentially exchanges rent for a list of outlined services, more information and a sample version can be found here.
For how long on average do businesses stay in a rented space?

It largely depends on the size of the business renting the space. For smaller firms of 5 or less, the average is somewhere around 12 months. For larger businesses it can be anywhere from 18 months to 2 years.

What’s the minimum duration of a contract?

Contracts can be as long or as short as you please; however there are a few things to keep in mind: Coworking spaces, and other forms of shared space where seating is informal usually work on a month to month basis, this is fairly standard for a “service” contract. Larger businesses, however, generally look to establish themselves in a location, with minimum contracts generally being anywhere from 6 months to a year.

I contacted a space but never heard back, what should I do?

Each time you send a message through our messaging system, your space manager receives a notification by email. If you don’t receive a response after 48 hours, please notify us via the contact form.

Do I need to pay SYO to search for an office?

Most of the listings on SYO are free for businesses who are looking for an office. However, please verify that the company doesn’t ask for an entry fee on the listing.

Do I need to pay SYO to post a listing?

Posting a listing on SYO is free! Feel free to list all your spaces with us for free during our promotional period.

How do I report a bug?

Do not hesitate to report a bug via the contact form.