6 Reasons The Home Office Doesn’t Work

6 Reasons To Cut Out The Home Office

1. The Obvious: Minimizing Distractions

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One of the main reasons for moving your work outside of the home: to keep distractions at bay. From dirty dishes to sugar-craving children and a million other little tasks, working from home can quickly turn from working on a project to working on a “project” — that little to-do list that includes gems such as grout the bathroom tile and help the middle child with their Titanic reconstruction. Going to work in a specific work environment, be that a coffee shop or a coworking space, allow for you to forget the piles of things to do at home, and focus on the present and the work in front of you. While a coffee shop or a work space may present distractions of their own — spills, loud customers — it’s a step back from home life and allows for a little separation between work and life.

2. Break The Routine

Have you ever spent day after day in the same desk or the same window nook and actually felt your productivity level falling each day you succumb to routine? That may be in part from your location. A stagnant workspace means you’ll become tired, restless, and that predictability is going to affect your work. Instead of taking your morning coffee and trying to write that report from your home desk like always, make your way to a new spot and let the creative juices flow. Getting out of the house and out of routine may actually stimulate your work capabilities and allow you to work long, and more efficiently.

3. Work with like-minded individuals

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A toddler may not know how to help you put standard deviation bars on that excel graph, but a fellow mathematician might. When the going gets tough and you have questions that can’t be answered by Siri, it’s worth at least a day trip to a Coworking space. Often, like-minded workers find themselves in the same spaces and are able to collaborate with one another on similar projects. Thus many Coworking spaces are dedicated to similar values, be they social entrepreneurship, tech, startups or a broader values, such as a love of coffee.

4. Satisfaction

You could work all day, but never having left the house may minimize how productive you feel afterwards. Step outside of your home office and work for a few hours somewhere new. When you return, you may just feel more productive, and more satisfied, with the work you’ve done, even if it’s only a few pages of paper work. Just like putting on workout clothes is the hardest part of exercising for some, leaving the house is the first step towards truly maximizing your work ethic and daily ability.

5. Maintaining Boundaries

Every day of the week has some chore attached to it: Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is bathroom cleaning, Wednesday is vacuuming, etc. Sometimes working at home means tearing down the boundaries between work life and home life, by integrating chores and the like into tiny work breaks that become hour long cleaning sessions. A secret: you don’t have to fold all of the laundry the second it comes out of the dryer. You don’t even have to fold it the day you clean it. Don’t let household chores take priority over your work life if you’re working from home. Moving your work from inside the house to outside of it is one way to guarantee you don’t find yourself matching socks instead of writing business expense reports on a Tuesday afternoon.

6. You don’t have to make the coffee yourself

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Whether you choose to work in a local coffee shop or a dedicated Coworking space, chances are, you don’t have to make the coffee yourself. And that extends beyond coffee: some Coworking offices offer a range of amenities from spas and pools to fresh and natural juice bars to mail service, office happy hours and fun activities. Who says work can’t be fun if you’re working alone? Joining a working space dedicated to individual workers means joining an environment created to foster work, as well as further the individuals choosing to work there.