The Biggest Global Coworking Events of 2015!

It’s often easy to forget just how big coworking is. With the global number of coworking spaces rapidly approaching 10,000 spaces world wide, it has gone from a trend to a movement. In light of that, today we take a step back and look at some international events celebrating coworking which are happening this year.

Coworking Unconference, Ubud, Bali

Global Coworking

Wrapping up at the end of January, the first international coworking event of 2015 took place with the Coworking Unconference, in Ubud, Bali. The event was hosted by Hubud, and gathered the key figures and participants from all around the SEA region to discuss regional coworking trends and future goals. The roughly 135 participants came together and formed the Asian Coworking Alliance (ACA). The ACA aims to be a Pan-Asian coworking group, one that allows free access and collaboration between partner organizations. We have high hopes and expectations for these individuals, and can’t wait to see what is formed at their next meeting – which takes place February, 2016.

2015 Coworking Spain Conference, Valencia, Spain.

Global Coworking

Now in its 4th year, the Coworking Spain Conference has moved to a new location, in Valencia, Spain. With roughly 250 individuals in attendance from the pool of nearly 400 regional coworking spaces, the Valencia conference aims to do more than solidify the status of coworking in the region – but looks to develop tools and ideals for the community to better their members lives. The “Shared City” is the theme of the conference. The concept aims to establish a new form of collaboration and city organization based on cooperation and partnership within the city itself. The ideal is to bring people who work together in regions to share space, assets, and infrastructure – with the ultimate goal of creating sustainable cities that eliminate unfavorable conditions such as inflation, unemployment, and pollution.

The conference will bring together some of the most influential individuals who work in coworking and collaborative economics to share and discuss their ideas on new labor, economics, and social models. The attending group will be made up of coworking managers, incubators, startups, property managers, journalists, heads of local government, and representatives from regional universities.

The conference has some very high goals and we support their drive to continually better themselves, and their community.

Global Coworking Unconference Conference, Sydney, Australia.

Global Coworking

What a mouthful. The Global Coworking Unconference Conference (Hereby the GCUC) is a two-day conference taking place in numerous locations located all around Sydney, Australia. The event will be a combination of both local and international coworking knowledge, shared for startups, freelancers, small businesses and many others. The event will feature numerous speakers ranging from coworking managers, to startup founders, to individuals in regional politics, all discussing the community, and means to grow and improve. It provides an interesting platform to share more coworking information with the community and we look forward to any and all changes that come from it.

Did we miss an event? Contact us at Share Your Office if you’re in the know about an international coworking event we haven’t heard about. Until then we look forward to seeing the results from these amazing conferences!