Four Game-Changing Coworking Apps

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Four Game-Changing Coworking Apps

Whatever the task, there’s bound to be an app for it, and coworking is no different. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to find exactly what coworking app or piece of software is right for you. Recently, we’ve discussed how coworking can change your life, but when you finally do jump into the pool, how can you get the most out of it? Weither you’re a veteran to the ins and outs of coworking, or a wide-eyed newbie, chances are that one of your biggest concerns is maximizing your daily productivity. In order to help you do that, we’ve compiled this month’s top 4 coworking apps. Here is a list of the four hottest tools that any coworker professional worth their salt can’t live without.

1. FreshBooks

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One of the initial drawbacks to freelance working is that you’re left handling all of your own finances. Unless you can afford to pay an accountant to handle all monetary aspects of your brand and services, that headache is going to fall solely on you, and with a growing client base, that can quickly become a nightmare. Enter FreshBooks, cloud-based accounting that is, as they put it, “accounting made for the non-accountant.” The service seeks to make the payment process as painless as possible, letting someone handle the financial burden of your business, freeing you up to focus on what matters; your clients. The service is free to try for 30 days and offers a wide range of price points for any number of users.

2. iTeleport

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As a freelancer, there’s a good chance that you spend a lot of time switching computers and traveling. Even with a smartphone at your disposable, it can be suffocating to be disconnected from your “base of operations” when you’re on the road. iTeleport seeks to change that, allowing you remote access to your main computer from your iOS device. If you’ve ever found yourself needing immediate access to an important email or document, but you’re stuck in traffic or public transit, iTeleport might be exactly the coworking app you need.

3. HipChat

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Do you find yourself yearning from a group-chat service that’s easy to use, and not locked into a social media platform? Enter HipChat. HipChat is a free and simple group-chat software that caters to any individual, regardless of their technical expertise. You can easily organize your contacts and professional teams, and focus on getting the job done. Your business will thank you!

4. WorkFlowy

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Do you ever just need help getting organized? Freelancing can be overwhelming, and depending on the person, messy. Don’t worry though, WorkFlowy has your back. WorkFlowy is a simple to-do list app that aims to help you get organized and get you back on track, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thankfully, with the coworking community increasing every day, more and more businesses are starting to realize the need to expedite and streamline their work within the community. If a need exists, there’s bound to be software or a coworking app for it; and with any luck it will be just what you need.