Rising Rent Stopping Your Startup? Share Your Office!


Rent Getting Too High? Fight Back With ShareYourOffice!

It’s no secret that the prices of rent in San Francisco have skyrocketed in the past years, reaching record highs as of 2014, and going into 2015, they are projected to only get higher. In January of 2010, Business Insider reported that the prices of rent for office spaces averaged as low as $34.02 per square foot, but today, those same spaces have risen as high as $67.20 per square foot, a 90% increase in just four short years.

The reality is that for many smaller companies in the San Francisco area, these kinds of prices are simply not sustainable.


It’s not just a matter of cost either; San Francisco is facing a capacity problem. In the same article, Business Insider  reported that 3.6 million square feet of office space had already been “pre-contracted” by enterprising companies and developers, meaning the space was already purchased and locked down, before construction even began. That’s expected to get worse, as businesses scramble for any available real estate. Companies like Google and Dropbox have more than 300,000 feet of leased space already. As a result, finding an affordable and adequately sized environment to conduct business in has gone from a given, to a luxury. It’s getting harder and harder for enterprising startups to even, well, start up. You might have aspirations of becoming the next Twitter or Adobe, but first, you have to find somewhere to hang your hat.

This is where Share Your Office comes in. Share Your Office has taken the unique step to help small businesses in the San Francisco area to reduce costs through a number of means. Our dynamic approach allows individuals who operate their own space, or groups looking to rent a space to fulfill both those needs in the most efficient manner possible.

For startups already in a space, but looking to make the most of their rent, we make it simple – share your office. With Share Your Office, we help these individuals contract out meeting rooms, or additional space they may have on a flexible basis in order to minimize their potential rent. We find other small teams that are in need of a single room or occasional meeting room, connect both parties, and manage the contracts involved. This allows larger teams already leasing out a space to minimize their costs by sharing that extra room they may not use.


For small teams working to find a space, we help connect them with like-minded start ups or small businesses that share common practices, goals, and ideals. We connect them with the space that perfectly fits their needs. In both scenarios Share Your Office works hard in order to guarantee everyone can find a space that is affordable, and suits their needs.

Lets face it, prices won’t be dropping for a while in the Bay Area. However, when the cost of driving got too high, people turned to ride sharing to minimize the impact on both individuals. When housing prices boomed, we saw this phenomena repeated by people sharing their homes. In one of the biggest startup centers in the world….why not try sharing your office? We make it easy, managing contracts, clientele, and outreach, in order to foster an environment where everyone wins. The best part? We work on a low commission basis (However, we’re 100% Free for the next several months), so if we don’t find a tenant, you don’t pay a dime.