Exciting New Partnership With iDoneThis!


Exciting new partnership with iDoneThis!

AT SYO, our aim is not only to help businesses find the ideal workplace, we also provide tips and inspiration to help our users grow their businesses. With this in mind we have partnered up with iDoneThis!

So what exactly is iDoneThis?

Ever had a hard time keeping track of what your team is doing? Struggled because there are too many individuals spread out across different cities? Is this confusion affecting your productivity/performance? iDoneThis found the perfect solution for you!

The concept is so simple it’s brilliant.

Each day, in the evening, you receive an email asking what you’ve done during the day. Each morning, you receive an email giving you a report on what everyone else on the team accomplished the previous day. Simple, straightforward, and to the point.


That easy. No need to nag your colleagues asking them for updates on their progress, iDoneThis takes care of that for you. Never waste time again trying to figure out what has been done and by whom. Not only does this make management simple, it increases efficiency by keeping everyone in the loop with one another. This is the friendliest and easiest way to manage your team.

Now the regular pricing is $5 per month per member. But just for you, iDoneThis is offering a 20% special discount! The process is straightforward and simple. After you sign up, send an email to “help@idonethis.com” mentioning the promo code “shareyouroffice” and you’re set!

We hope you’ll find this as useful as we do, and stay tuned for other perks you’ll get with ShareYourOffice!