Destination Coworking: A Vacation for the Digital Traveler


Destination Coworking:  A Vacation for the Digital Traveler

Are you a 60 hour a week worker looking to take a vacation but can’t get away from your job? Good news! There’s a growing number of coworking spaces around the world that mix work and travel.

Globally trotting workers and digital nomads have traditionally found solace in hotel conference rooms and small cafes with spotty wifi, and limited amenities; however today many exotic vacation spots now offer coworking spaces that professionals can enjoy while taking a little break from their traditional work setting.

From the Canary Islands to Scandinavia, many of these top travel spots provide a kind of coworking vacation that take the creative common space to a whole new level. That’s right. It’s time to swap the bean bags and city lights for some sand and an ocean view. Not a bad trade, right?

Just think of it as a little workcation.

In her recent piece, “Co-Working on Vacation: A Desk in Paradise,”  Tanya Mohn highlighted some of these unique working environments and the positive impact they’re having on the workforce. With this article in mind, here are two great coworking vacation spots to check out for your next work adventure:

Hubud- Bali, Indonesia

Destination Coworking:  A Vacation for the Digital Traveler

One coworking vacation spot I love is Hubud. Located in Bali, Indonesia, Hubud is a remote worker’s dream. It offers spacious, wooded workspace for the quiet traveler, a private pool that will keep anybody mellow while working, and a large, open yard that you can use for larger coworking events. Also, if you’re seeking a little fresh air, Hubud is in close proximity to some of Bali’s best waves, mountains, and rice fields. This is distraction free working my friends. The only down part: you will have to leave at some point.

CoworkingC- The Canary Islands


Another coworking space to look out for is CoworkingC. Sitting in the center of the Canary Islands, CoworkingC is a coworking vacation spot in paradise. The 3 tiered office has great amenities including: meeting and training rooms, high speed internet connection, lounge seating, and 24-hour workspace access. However, it’s not just the great layout that makes CorwrkingC so attractive. It’s also just a five minute walk from the beach, too. What more could you want?

In addition to providing beautiful and open work environments, these coworking spaces offer a place to unwind and recharge, even if you can’t actually unplug. Plus, they’re a great way to grow your professional network, bond with coworkers, or just get the creative juices flowing again.

So, whether you’re looking to reduce some stress, log some miles in your travel book, or meet some great people, destination coworking spaces are a great reason to take a little vacation of your own.