13 Creative Uses for Meeting Rooms

Creative uses of meeting rooms

Creative uses of meeting rooms

It’s easier than ever to find great meeting rooms in cities around the world. Whether you need a room for four or 40, Share Your Office helps you find the right meeting room in a coworking space, an existing office, or a shared workspaces.

But meeting rooms aren’t just for traditional meetings. They can be used for a variety of community-building, networking and company-strengthening events. Here are 13 of our favorite creative uses for meeting rooms.

1. Client Meetings

Do you have a client meeting coming up? Forget the coffee shop or noisy office and schedule the meeting in a meeting room. You’ll have the chance to impress your clients and step up your professionalism with a meeting room that suits your style and business goals.

2. Lunch and Learns

Lunch and Learns are fantastic ways to share ideas, shake up the day, and eat lunch with your fellow community members. They can be as informal as someone telling the group about a project they’re working on, or as organized as a slideshow or presentation. The format is up to you.

3. Meetups

Meetups are common in coworking spaces. They generally happen in the meeting rooms and bring together freelancers, developers, tech professionals, artists, community leaders and more. Meeting rooms can generally handle meetups of a few people to 20-plus people.

4. Skillshares

Skillshares are a fun way to share your skills and pick up new ones. Skillshares in meeting rooms can range from developers sharing the latest web best practices and internet security strategies, to knitting or hand-lettering lessons. Anything goes with skillshares and meeting rooms are flexible enough to accommodate many different kinds.

5. Happy Hour

Who doesn’t love a happy hour? Get some snacks and drinks and invite people to a meeting room for a casual happy hour. It’s a great way to wind down a day while doing some community-building at the same time.

6. Audio or Video Recording

It can be tricky to find a place to record audio and video. Getting the balance of light and good acoustics is not easy. Meeting rooms tend to be well-lit and, if they’re not too large and boxy, may have decent acoustics to record.

7. Work Sprints

If you and your team need some heads-down time on a project, work sprints in meeting rooms can be very effective. They get everyone out of their usual routine, give a sense of cohesiveness, and put people in close proximity to collaborate on projects.

8. Business Brainstorms and Strategy Sessions

It’s easy to get down in the weeds of running a business and forget to keep the big picture in mind. Business brainstorms and strategy sessions give you the chance to come up out of the weeds, make sure you’re on the right track, and prioritize next steps.

9. Accountability Groups

One of the perks of being part of a coworking community is the professional support you receive (and give). Accountability groups let communities take that mutual support to the next level by holding each other accountable for projects, business to-dos and ideas. Meeting rooms make great spaces to gather everyone for an accountability check-in.

10. Presentations

Meeting rooms are generally stocked with everything you’ll need for a professional presentation. From large monitors, projectors and speakers to whiteboards and plenty of chairs, meeting rooms can be an affordable way to present your ideas to the world.

11. Bounce Hour

Bounce hours are an informal way for community members to hear what fellow members are working on. A popular bounce hour format is to go around the circle taking turns talking about what you’re working on and whether there’s anything you could use help with.

12. Breakfast Networking

There’s no rule that networking events have to take place in the evening. Host a breakfast networking event in a meeting room and catch people while they’re still bright-eyed. Some coffee, fruit and maybe bagels and spreads are all it takes to fill a room of professionals looking to connect.

13. Art Opening

Are you an artist showing in a coworking space? Does your shared office participate in First Fridays and community art walks? Transform a meeting room into a space for people to meet the artist, purchase art and mingle with fellow art lovers.

What’s your favorite use of a meeting room? In the comments, let us know.