Why Coworking Works For The Freelance Worker

According to the Freelancer’s Union, 53 million Americans work independently. While you might think these people are sitting at home, enjoying a nice cup of coffee, they’re not. In fact, many freelance and contracted workers are looking to increase production and creativityby moving into coworking spaces.

A recent video by the Huffington Post on coworking and collaboration helped explain why:

Vibrant Community

While the flexibility is great, remote working can get a bit, well, lonely. In fact, it was this exact problem that lead Tony Bacigalupo, co-founder of New Work City, a popular coworking space in NYC, to first leave his home office after a year of remote working. “It was great to get out of the traditional office setting, but working from home was driving me crazy.”


Seeking a hybrid work experience, Tony ventured outside, first joining small get-togethers at local cafes, then, eventually, moving into makeshift coworking spaces to meet and work with fellow independent workers. It was here, among his freelancing peers, that Tony realized something: “It turns out that I was far from alone…there’s a lot of people like me.”

Tony’s experience is far from unique. If you’re a freelance or contracted worker, a coworking space is a great place to meet people just like you. Here, not only will you work in a more bustling environment, but you’ll also realize your place in a larger community of independent, hardworking entrepreneurs. On top of that, coworking spaces are often excellent locations to network and meet other individuals in your field. One of the hardest to find, yet most valuable resources is this ability to network – few other work environments offer the rich opportunity that coworking does.

Skill Sets for the Freelancer and Professional Growth

One of the best parts of joining a coworking space is that you’ll learn new skills just by going to work. Coworking spaces are full of talented entrepreneurs who are both ready and willing to share their talents with each other. You’re one of them!

Shuli Hallak, an independent photographer, who worked from home for seven years, spoke to this effect in the video. “I saw myself as a traditional photographer.” She said. However, after joining a coworking space, Hallak met professional marketers and business development managers that, as she explained it, allowed her to go from “just a photographer” to a fully formed entrepreneur.


Hallak’s experience sheds light on a great benefit to joining a coworking space: the sharing of ideas. The ability to learn from the people around you is what truly makes joining a coworking space an amazing and worthwhile work experience. What’s better than meeting people that make you a more dynamic and connected professional? Really, help me out. I can’t think of any.

Community and collaboration are just two very compelling advantages for freelancers and contract workers to join a coworking space. So, even though it may be out of your comfort zone and a few, very small steps away your home office, if you’re an independent worker, think about moving into a coworking space. It’s a simple search away.

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