Top 13 Coworking Events of 2018

Top 13 Coworking Events of 2018

Coworking events give shared workspace operators, enthusiasts and industry professionals a chance to connect, share challenges and best practices, talk about where the coworking movement is headed and celebrate our global community.

For the last several years, Deskmag, the organization behind the Global Coworking Survey, has rounded up the major coworking events around the world. As the publication reports:

From vibrant New York City, the breezy Hanseatic cities Bremen or Gdansk, to the tropical climate in Georgetown, Malaysia… the coworking gatherings are as diverse as the cities where they take place. However, there are two things all those events have in common. They are designed to help people succeed in the coworking business and offer an entertaining way to connect with coworking space experts.

Deskmag recently released the the Top Coworking Events in 2018. Here’s a quick overview. Deskmag will update the coworking event calendar as new event are added and add details as they become known, so check back regularly.

1. CU ASIA 2018
Asia’s largest conference on coworking
Claim: “Colorful Connections”
February 7-11, 2018
Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

2. Cowork 2018
Germany’s official coworking meet-up
March 9 – 11, 2018
Bremen, Germany

3. Coworking Now #2
Poland’s conference on coworking
March 22 & 23, 2018
Gdańsk, Poland

America’s #1 coworking conference
Claim: “A worldwide explosion of coworking awesomeness”
April 22-24, 2018
New York City, USA

5. Coworking Spain Conference
La cita más importante del coworking in España
May 17-18, 2018
Madrid, Spain

6. Coworking Europe 2018
The original of its kind and one of the largest gatherings of the global coworking movement
November 14-16, 2018

7. National Coworking UnConference Switzerland
Summer 2018

8. People At Work Summit
Summer 2018
Online – worldwide

9. GCUC Australia
August 2018
Sydney, Australia

10. CowoShare #6
The Italian Coworking Conference
Fall 2018
Usually in Milan

11. GCUC Canada
Fall 2018
t.b.a., Canada

12. GWA Coworking Conference 2018
The longest running conference on flexible workspaces
Fall 2018

13. GCUC China
Winter 2018
Presumably Beijing

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