Coworking Christmas; Celebrating the Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Coworking!

Ah Christmas, one of the most exciting, relaxing, and in some cases, stressful times of the year. While the holidays can be a period of fun and festivities, for many they can be a hectic cycle of deadlines, shopping, and frantic holiday planning.

If you find yourself swamped this year, why not look into attending a coworking Christmas event? One of the beauties of working in a coworking environment is the shared sense of community and the regularly hosted events and activities for their members. They do the work, you just show up, make some friends, have some fun, and get ready to ring in the New Year!

This week, let’s take a look at some coworking Christmas events people are enjoying all around the nation.

1. LAX Coworking Young Professionals Holiday Party

coworking christmas

Earlier in the month, the Los Angeles based coworking space, LAX Coworking, hosted a holiday party for their young professionals; up and coming coworking members who are poised to burst onto the scene, but may also still be working on their degrees in their respective fields.

In a fun twist, they asked attendees to bring in a few school supplies which could be given away to their young professionals, making this coworking Christmas event something that even Santa would be proud of. They also hosted a raffle and allowed members to bring a guest, which is only added to the fun.

2. RiversideTECH Coworking Christmas Party

coworking christmas

For their 3rd annual Christmas event, the Riverside, California based RiversideTECH coworking, will be hosting an event on December 18th.

Not content with just celebrating however, RiversideTECH will also be supporting the Ronald McDonald House, and they have asked their members to bring in canned food, toys, clothing, or any daily household items such as soap or food containers, in order to help those less fortunate so they can enjoy the holiday season.

While any good coworking Christmas event will work towards celebrating its members and their successes over the year, it’s always good to see a coworking space give something back to their community, and help out those who may need it on this holiday season.

3. ImpactHub Two Year Anniversary and Holiday Bazaar

coworking christmas

In Boulder, Colorado, ImpactHub decided to do something a little different for their coworking Christmas event.

Since the event is falling on their 2 year anniversary, they decided to not only celebrate this important milestones, they decided to feature vendors with products from around the world; giving members a chance to taste what it’s like to shop through the streets of places like Morocco or Guatemala.

It’s a fun way to celebrate the success of their members, but also reminds them of what makes coworking so fun and unique.

So take a moment this year to relax and celebrate with friends, loved ones, and coworkers. Check to see if your shared office is hosting a coworking Christmas event of its own, and if not, start one yourself! It’s never too late to join in on the festivities.

Most importantly, we want you to have a wonderful and safe holiday season as we look forward to a new year of coworking, and beyond. Happy Holidays!

Written by Joseph Gordon