How is coffee affecting your productivity in the office

coffee at the office

The workplace is one that can often leave you drained and uninspired, however for millions around the world, their sole source of refuge within the daily grind is a cup of coffee. Why might you ask, is coffee such a benevolent source of energy and vitality for so many exhausted professionals, artisans and even the writer, such as myself, around the globe?

Well science has gone out in search of an answer and while finding out all the benefits coffee has for your performance in the office, it also managed to uncover all the hidden benefits coffee has when it comes to health and general longevity for human beings. I can’t think of any better reason to squeeze in an extra cup today other than the fact science says it’s good for you.

How coffee impacts your wellbeing

Caffeine is the single most consumed psycho stimulating substance worldwide. This is because once caffeine is ingested it moves into the bloodstream where it flows to the brain and from there prevents the neurotransmitter adenosine from doing its job. Adenosine is responsible for inducing fatigue within our minds, so with it being blocked we have an immediate boost in our vitality.

Further benefits to caffeine being introduced to the brain include an improved emotional state, higher level of awareness, enhanced reaction speeds, higher memory capacity and of course a little bit more pep in your step. An even more important and perhaps understated benefit to coffee is its unique talent for allowing people to network or bond over the shared aroma.

Perhaps next time you find yourself stuck on your work, staring dismally at your laptop screen, or just desperate to introduce to yourself to the wide variety of other professionals working within the shared office space with you, grab a cup of coffee and let the networking begin. All great partnerships have to start somewhere and coffee happens to be the beverage of choice, for many of the millennial nomads.

Coffee has a host of health benefits for the individual as well, from revving your metabolic function to aiding with weight loss, lowering risk for certain cancers, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, cardiovascular disease, depression and type two diabetes. It has even been shown to aid with lowering the propensity to commit suicide and make people feel just a little bit happier.

Coffee is the main source of antioxidants within the majority of the Western world’s diet, it also comes stack with a host of essential nutrients, including Vitamin B3, B6 and Riboflavin. If that wasn’t enough drinking coffee has been shown in general to improve your overall longevity. This in itself is enough to prompt a further walk to the office kitchen for a coffee break.

Take a coffee to be more productive at work

However, despite all of these astounding benefits you might find yourself wondering how is coffee really going to enhance my productivity, especially within a crowded office, with so much going on around me? While there are numerous ways to stay productive in an open office, including wearing headphones and learning to say no in order to keep your workload manageable, coffee can also offers a solution to the problem.

Coffee has the great benefit of not only providing extra vigor through the blocking of adenosine, but it also aids in bolstering of the brain’s internal defense mechanisms, which is crucial to avoid the negative consequences of a stress-filled lifestyle. The oils that are found within coffee help to protect the brain from the DNA damage that can occur from stress.

Enhancements in creativity and in the finite resource that is willpower can also be attributed to coffee consumption. Further benefits to drinking coffee are of course the social benefits. It has been reported that by merely holding a cup of coffee you are deemed to be more approachable and calm than you would with nothing in your hands.

Those who drink coffee on a regular basis are also found to be more effective when it comes to participating and steering social engagements than those who eschew the famed bean. Hence, by merely holding a cup in your hand, you are more likely to engage the IT fundi that has been quietly sitting in his corner in the communal office space you cohabitate. Who knows? You could befriend the next Bill Gates because of coffee!


It is clear that coffee is a vital substance not just for our health and physical wellbeing, but for our mental wellbeing and our job performance as well. Perhaps, the secret to climbing the corporate ladder lies within a cup and not in another self-help book. Nevertheless, I implore you to go out and grab a cup of coffee before heading to your communal office space. The opportunities for networking and your own individual performance are endless with just a little bit of caffeine to give you a boost.

sarah jones Sarah is the author of We Dream of Coffee, where she shares the benefits and techniques she’s learned about the famed and amazing drink.