Coboat: Coworking on a Boat

A membership at this coworking space will take you across the Indian Ocean.


A UK coworking company is ushering in a new wave of collaborative living: coworking, but on a boat.

Coboat presents a novel take on coworking and coliving. The boat offers room for up to 20 remote workers, and it departs from different ports throughout the year. The boat’s latest venture is in the Mediterranean; June and July will take them through Greece, from the cultural capital of Athens to the quiet island of Paros. The project has gone swimmingly so far, and when their main boat is completed in November, they’re poised to embark for even more exotic destinations.

Coboat is not unlike Roam, the coliving company that we recently covered. Coboat can function as a vacation, but it’s supposed to be a way of life. The boat offers a coworking space for guests to chip away at their remote work, and the vibe is more akin to an open office than a luxury cruise. If an idea drifts into a member’s mind, they’ll have the opportunity to work on it.

On the downside, the Coboat opportunity is not cheap. A standard ticket is priced at 1180€/week, so it’s unlikely that members will use the service as a long-term solution like Roam. Still, it’s a fantastic opportunity to tour the Mediterranean without having to save up for a cruise.


With the tides turning against traditional model of work, the travel and tourism industry may also take a hit. If work and life are mixed, people won’t feel as obligated to take time of for a formal vacation. Why save up for a luxury cruise when you can see the same sights while working on freelance gigs?

On top of that, services like Coboat bring guests closer to the locals, and closer to one another. It’s a more meaningful experience that blurs the line between work and tourism.

It’s smooth sailing for the aspiring digital nomad, with new opportunities popping up every month. Just as Coboat is riding the wave of the coliving movement, surely new competition will offer even more exotic opportunities. In the end, it’s win-win: companies get to experiment with novel ideas, and customers get to squeeze more experiences out of their professional lives. Coliving and co-traveling for digital nomads are a natural extension of the philosophy that work and life should be combined rather than balanced.

Coboat fished out a fascinating idea for their service, and it will be exciting to see how well the business scales. A couple of guests dreamed up the concept of coworking in a castle while on a Coboat trip from the Maldives to Thailand, so if nothing else, the experience is inspirational.