A Chicago Startup is Bringing Craft Beer to Office Happy Hour

If you’re spending money on beer for office happy hour, make sure it’s beer that people like

office happy hour

There’s always a new startup on the block in Chicago, but this time, there’s beer involved.

Crafty is a startup that wants to bring beer kegs to offices around the city. Their end goal? Better happy hours for every employee.

It’s better to have an office happy hour than to not have one, but they don’t receive much thought from office managers. The stock of liquor is less important than simply giving employees a chance to relax and mingle. Of course, people will ultimately be more satisfied if they’re drinking a beer that they like, and a couple dollars extra per drink could make a big difference to the effectiveness of the event.

Crafty’s co-founders stumbled upon their business idea as they were planning happy hour orders at their previous companies. The company wants to digitize the entire process, from placing the order to delivery and upkeep of the keg. They also want to offer as much of a selection as they can. Currently, the company offers over 50 brands of craft beer—more than you’d get at a brick-and-mortar competitor.

They’re also proud of the fact that kegs are more environmentally-friendly than buying cans or bottles en masse. At the same time, they’re more economical: if you’re buying in bulk anyway, might as well save a few bucks and get a whole keg.

But perhaps their biggest value proposition is what kegerators do for the office culture. Kegs are like water coolers, but better. They’re a social hub; a place for workers to gather and unwind.

Because kegs stand out, they’re fantastic when it comes to recruitment. In an interview with Built In Chicago, co-founder Nate Rosenstock said plainly: “if you’re taking recruits through the office and can point to your ping pong table or bean bags or open office layout or your kegerator, those are the folks that do best in recruitment”. Putting your company culture on display isn’t just fun for employees; it’s inspiring for potential employees, too.

The company is still new, but in a few months they’ve already amassed a few local clients, and that number is sure to increase as the idea catches on. For office managers looking to invest in company culture, a beer keg is a fun way to start.