Big Changes at Share Your Office

Greetings from Share Your Office!

Recently there have been a lot of changes on the website, today we’re going over what has occurred here at Share Your Office the past couple of months following the relaunch of our website.

SF share your office page
We’ve created pages highlighting each of the biggest coworking regions in the U.S

As many of you have noticed, we’ve done a complete re-design of the website: making it easier to navigate, creating sections with tips and descriptions of major coworking cities, adding additional info on the different types of offers you can find, enhancing our pages that help you navigate… all this to make ourselves more useful and accessible to you.

One of our biggest pieces of news is our U.S Coworking survey. In that we called up hundreds of Coworking Spaces all over the States in order to provide an interesting tool for all offices allowing them to compare themselves with others nationwide on factors such as price, size, density, management tools and so on. We also provided an in-depth analysis on each area, so if you haven’t seen the survey yet, you can check it out here.

And yet, these aren’t the only new changes we’re excited about.

Since then, we’ve launched our brand-new blog, where each week you’ll find several new articles and tips on coworking, new technologies, the sharing economy, entrepreneurship and so on; everything to keep you updated on the ever changing world of business!

Finally, we’ve revamped our efforts in the realm of social media – Facebook, Twitter; with an aim to share articles and news to help enhance your working experience. Atop this, we’ve started an office of the day and week across our platforms, highlighting exceptional offices and providing you with some great exposure.

Despite all this, we’re not done improving, and will continue to work to provide our users with the best experience imaginable. Stay tuned for more updates, from us here at Share Your Office – Enjoy!