“Art and Ideas” Intersect in This New Boston Coworking Space

Think Tank Coworking puts a spin on Coworking

Think Tank Coworking, originally based in Maine, was created before its founder really knew what coworking was. It was an experiment—or, in founder Patrick Roche’s own words, it was an “instinct”. Even back in 2010, before coworking had taken off, he felt that there was a desire for an alternative to the home office and the cafe office.

After years of expansion, Think Tank will now be opening a location in Brighton, a town in the Boston area. Of course, it’s 2015, and the location will face competition that the original Think Tank did not have to deal with. Boston professionals already have access to top players like WeWork and Idea Space; what can Think Tank do to differentiate itself?

According to the director, the key to Think Tank is its small community feel. The small size of the space doesn’t have to be a disadvantage; if anything, Think Tank can use its size to its advantage when appealing to individual freelancers who wouldn’t want to be lost in a sea of startups at WeWork.


The location also factors into Think Tank’s appeal. Brighton is a satellite city; its demographic is squarely different than downtown Boston’s. Being both smaller and located outside of the city might give Think Tank an edge in appealing to a niche. It would be the perfect spot for professionals who live in Brighton and who want some peace and quiet, without having to contend with traffic and crowds just to find a working space.

While Think Tank won’t target a specific type of business, its branches have all historically been known for supporting the intersection of art and ideas. Freelancers, journalists, and writers can be found throughout Think Tank’s locations, and the Brighton space will surely draw in more creative minds. This fits with the creator’s mission to foster creative thought.

Also of interest is the fact that the Brighton Think Tank will be located down the street from a pair of buildings from Harvard University’s Allston campus. Even though the location is outside of the downtown core, it’s looking like it will be able to foster the growth of a local community within Brighton. And as we’ve seen time and time again, the strength of a local community is difficult to replicate.