5 Types of People you meet at a Coworking space

5 Types of people you will  find in a Coworking Space

As we’ve seen previously, anyone can work in a coworking space, which always leads to an interesting diverse group of people sharing one place. While this may be true, I’ve come to notice that there are some individuals that seem to be ever present in the different coworking spaces I’ve visited. These are the 5 types of people you will most likely find in a coworking space:

The Dreamer

The Dreamer is easy to recognize: just look at the aloof  look on his face. Generally, the Dreamer is either a consultant, a freelance writer, an author; a relaxed creative type. He doesn’t come in everyday (he probably has a flex membership) and when there he’s often roaming about conversing with others. The Dreamer mostly comes to the Coworking Space to find inspiration, meet with others, and to have a little chat from time to time. If there’s a lounge space that’s probably where you’ll find him. He likes to take breaks and go on walks around the neighborhood or even just around the office. He doesn’t like to be alone, but doesn’t necessarily feel the need to speak to anyone either, he just likes to have company around him.

5 types of people you meet at a coworking space

The Social Dude

You know who this guy is. It’s the person everyone knows, because he’s always present speaking to everyone. Even when he’s sitting at his desk “working”, he always has something to say to his neighbors. He’s  there when there’s an event, whether it be a Happy Hour, a weekly organized breakfast/lunch, a mentorship class –you name it. There’s no particular reason for his extroversion, he just likes meeting interesting people, for him a Coworking Space is just the place to do that.


The Nightingale

One of the most alluring features of entrepreneurship for people is how it allows you to be your own boss. As such, many individuals from the ages of 25-35 take advantage of the ability to set their own hours. These people over time often turn into the Nightingale. The Nightingale is someone who you see coming into work at 3pm, and who you assume will be there till the late, late hours of the morning. These people often spend 10+ hours in the office, with the sun up for only 3 of them. Luckily for them, many Coworking Spaces allow very flexible hours ideal for those with strange sleep schedules.

5 types of people you meet at a coworking space

The Startup Group

In Coworking Spaces there are several types of workers: those who work alone, those who are a part of a small company of 2 or 3 people, and then you’ll have those who compose a small team of 6 or 7. Usually it’s a number of young motivated people who are in the process of creating a startup.  They are there Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, (maybe even on the weekends if they have a 24/7 access pass), and are always together.

5 types of people you meet at a coworking space

The International Business Guy

While the IBG isn’t often there (he’s probably travelling most of the time), when you see him in the Coworking Space, he always has a very serious look on his face, and is in the middle of an important skype meeting or typing away on his computer like a maniac. He never stops working, and always has a cup of coffee glued to his hand.