14 Must-Have Meeting Room Amenities in Your Coworking Space



Meeting rooms can be a big draw to your coworking space or shared office. Many freelancers, independent professionals, startups, small businesses and remote workers need regular access to rooms for meetings, pitches, presentations and workshops.

But there’s more to a meeting room than just a table, chairs and wifi. Here are 14 must-have meeting room amenities to serve the new workforce in your coworking space.

1. Projector

Although not everyone needs a projector, having one is essential. Whether for a presentation, screensharing or demoing a product, projectors are a necessity for pros and teams.

2. Peripherals for a Variety of Computers

Having a projector is no use is you don’t have the right connectors for it. Meeting rooms should have a variety of adapters and connectors to fit different computers. Make it easy for meeting room users to hook into your system.

3. Screen

Your whiteboard or monitor may double as a screen. If so, great. If not, make sure you have a wall or actual screen that will get the job done.

4. Conference Call Phone

Companies of all sizes now have remote teams and clients all over the world. Make sure you have a phone system that allows people to call into a meeting from wherever they are.

5. Large Monitor

In addition to a good conference call phone, you’ll need a large monitor so remote attendees can video into the meeting and everyone can see them.

6. Speakers

Don’t rely on the speakers that are built into computers to work in a conference room because they won’t. Offer small, external speakers that easily allow for anyone in the room to hear what’s being presented—even if it’s just music playing in the background before the meeting.

7. Whiteboard and Fresh Markers

Whiteboarding is definitely a thing. People want to brainstorm ideas, make outlines, create workflows, diagram products and platforms and capture ideas. Make sure you have a large whiteboard that is clean and ready for action, as well as an eraser and fresh markers so meeting attendees don’t have to hunt for one that works.

8. Comfortable Chairs

Though chairs aren’t the most exciting aspect of a meeting room, they are one of the most important—especially for long meetings. Attendees will thank you if, at the end of a long day of meetings, they’re still comfortable and happy.

9. Reliable Wifi

Oftentimes meeting rooms are put on the periphery of coworking spaces and shared office centers. This makes sense for privacy reasons, but can lead to spotty wifi. To help ensure that meeting attendees are happy and connected, make sure the meeting room still has strong wifi signal.

10. Access to Water and Coffee

Make sure meeting attendees know where they can get water and coffee. If it’s in the room, great. If not, show them where to find water, mugs, coffee and tea—and what to do with their mugs once they’re finished.

11. Power Outlets

For short meetings, power isn’t necessarily an issue, but for anything longer than 30 minutes or so, people will want to be plugged in. Ideally there are power outlets on, under or near the meeting room table. This can be accomplished fairly easily by mounting power strips. Not having adequate plugs in your meeting room can be a dealbreaker.

12. WiFi Password

Don’t make meeting attendees hunt for the wifi password. It should be easy to find for anyone who walks in the room. You can do this by putting it on the whiteboard, hanging a document with relevant login information on the wall, or putting it a standup sign on the meeting room table.

13. Wired Internet Connection

For webinars and some video calls, people may want to plug in to avoid spotty wifi. Be sure to offer an option to plug into your Internet to make your meeting room more useful for those who need faster speeds and a more reliable connection than your wifi offers.

14. Privacy and Quiet

Meeting rooms are used for a variety of purposes, including presentations and gathering that require focus and quiet. Make sure your meeting room offers a level of quiet and privacy that is conducive to getting work done. Alternatively, soundproofing your meeting room prevents noise from inside the room from leaking into the larger space.

What would you add to this list? What are some other must-have meeting room amenities? In the comments, let us know.

Cat Johnson is a writer and content strategist focused on coworking, community and the future of work. Publications include Shareable, Yes! Magazine, Mother Jones, Triple Pundit and GOOD. She’s the author of Coworking Out Loud, and sends free, weekly content tips to coworking space operators. Follow her on Twitter: @CatJohnson