10 Reasons to Join a Coworking Space in the New Year

Join a coworking space

January is prime time to join a coworking space. As with the back to school season, the new year sees an increase in people joining spaces. If you’re thinking of joining trying, this is a good time to take a tour, find the right space for you and your team, and kick off 2018 as the newest member of a coworking community. Here are 10 great reasons to join a coworking space in the new year.

1. Membership Specials

Some coworking spaces offer discounts on membership in January. They want to take advantage of the heightened interest in coworking at this time of year and offer special deals to attract new members. Take a look at your local spaces to see whether they have any special offerings.

2. Professional Success

Research found that 84% of coworking space members surveyed said they were more engaged and motivated when coworking; 67% said coworking improved their professional success; and 69% said they feel more successful since joining a coworking space.

3. Dismantle Loneliness

Working from home might sound great initially, but freelancers, remote workers and independent professionals often find themselves feeling isolated and lonely. In addition to providing a desk, wifi and coffee, coworking spaces offer community, connection and a sense of belonging.

4. In-house Network

One of the benefits of working in a coworking space is becoming part of an informal, in-house professional network. Coworking spaces are home to a diverse range of professionals, including digital creatives, programmers, financial advisers, attorneys, writers and more. You can generally find the business contractors, help or support you need in these in-house networks. If not, you have a trusted network to turn to for referrals.

5. Work-Life Boundaries

If you work from home then, in a sense, you’re always at work. And there will always be work to do. Working in a coworking space allows you to better separate work from home and time spent with friends and family.

6. Get Out of the House

One stereotype of the work-at-home professional is that they never get out of their pajamas because they never need to leave the house. There’s some truth to this. Joining a coworking space gives you a really good reason to get up, get dressed and get out of the house in the morning.

7. Leave the Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are great for meeting friends, reading, relaxing. They can be good for getting a little work done, as well—if you don’t mind working and taking calls over the sound of a milk steamer and lively atmosphere. But if you find yourself working out of a coffee shop all day, every day, it’s probably time to join a coworking space.

8. Elevate Your Professional Standing

Joining a coworking space immediately elevates your professional standing for several reasons, including the fact that you now have a place to meet clients; you have access to meeting rooms; you have quiet areas to take calls; you have a built-in professional network; you have access to a variety of professional events; and you’re part of a collaborative community of movers and shakers.

9. Professional Events

Coworking spaces are home to all kinds of cool events, from happy hours and networking gatherings to workshops, skillshares, professional development presentations, pitch contests, lunch and learns and more. When you’re looking for the right coworking space fo you, take a look at the space’s event calendar. It will give you a good sense of who’s in the space and what their professional and social interests are.

10. Become Part of a Community

Perhaps the biggest perk to coworking is that you become part of a community—which is somewhat different than the perk of a professional network. Being part of a community means you know and care about the other members, you care about the space, you contribute to the community in your unique ways and you have a sense of belonging.

Cat Johnson is a writer and content strategist for the shared workspace industry. She publishes the Coworking Out Loud Newsletter and has written for dozens of publications, including Shareable, Yes! Magazine, Mother Jones and Lifehacker. Follow her on Twitter: @CatJohnson